TLC's Special Charity

Each day, TLC drivers donate any left-over food to local charities like The Open Door.

Beyond this, staff, drivers and the Templeman Family donate to support families in less fortunate circumstances. Through World Vision Canada, TLC has been supporting two children since 2001.

As well, since 2006, TLC has donated to bring dental care and education to 18 families living on a remote island, in the Phillipines. This is an un-registered charity project started by our friend and filmmaker, Jordan Clark. (High Banks Entertainment Ltd.)

The project is too small to be a registered charity, but because it is unregisterd, 100% of the money raised goes directly to gifts and services for these 18 Phillipino families. Jordan donates his travel time and expenses. If you would like to find out more, you can check Jordan's blog or contact Bill Dean, through Today's Lunch Co.


Today's Lunch Co. Locally owned and operated, since 1985.
The Corporation
The Owners

Mark Templeman started the first sandwich route in 1985. At that time, he was a one-man lunch company with only one product: ham and cheese on bread. Currently, TLC has 18 drivers covering all of Victoria, Colwood, Langford and Sidney, offering more than 200 products.

Mark and Lindy are very family oriented. Lindy homeschools all of their children and is very active in the homeschool community. The children have 15 cousins (many of whom are also homeschooled) which they see often and are very close to. Family events are frequent and lively. The oldest, Daniel and Jordan, are also members of an award-winning band called "Aftermath" in which they perform their original compositions. (Click this link to hear their original song: New Age Zombies.)

Several other family members are also involved in the business.

Today's Lunch Co is an incorporated company established in 1985. Over the years, it has grown to be Vancouver Island's longest-lived and largest mobile catering company. Yes, we are much, much larger than any of those catering-truck-companies that you may have noticed at construction sites. TLC delivers more than 150,000 lunches each year. With a reputation built on fresh, high-quality, homestyle food; solid dollar value and reliable service, TLC continues to grow.

TLC markets its food products through:

  • TLC Mobile Deli which delivers fresh food daily to people at their workplace,

  • TLC Office & Event Catering - cold-plate catering for business meetings and events,

  • TLC Wholesale Foods which distrtibutes to food resellers as well as wholesaling to schools, recreation, non-profit and charity organizations.

Today's Lunch Company is proud to be a good community member and donates all left over food, each day, to Victoria's homeless to help feed those less fortunate than ourselves. As well, TLC financially helps support 20 families in Africa, Thailand and the Phillipines and welcomes contributions through any one of its representatives.