Delivering fresh food daily, to you, at work.
(Serving Victoria, Sidney and the Western Communities.)
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This service is free and you don’t have to pre-order, or commit to it.

Every weekday, we pop in with a tray of fresh food to see if you are in the mood to purchase anything.

How to get started:

  • Call (250-380-7340) or e-mail us. We will get a driver to your door within a week... sometimes, that same day! With 18 drivers covering Victoria, Colwood, Langford and Sidney, we won’t have any problem getting to you, it just takes a little time for us to work it into the schedule.

  • Test-run it for 2 weeks. After that, if you are happy with the service, then we continue. If not, we stop. Simple.

  • There’s never any obligation to buy.

Features & Benefits:

  • No need for employees to abandon their work or the workplace at lunch or coffee break.


  • A broad and varied menu. Much more than just sandwiches.

  • Inexpensive, healthy and fresh. Our food is prepared fresh, every day, at the TLC facility: guaranteed wholesome and nutritious.

  • Inviting us to service your business is a no-cost way to show employees and coworkers that you care.

  • 18 drivers serving Greater Victoria, Langford, Colwood and Sidney.


  • We won’t waste your time -- or ours. Our other customers are expecting us to arrive on schedule.

  • Rain or snow, sun or shower, lunch and snacks delivered to your office, daily. TLC has a solid reputation for always being there; everyday, on time.